36 and Me

A Message to My Green Candidate Colleagues

I had a dream just the other night, that 36 of my Green candidate colleagues from across Canada and I had won our ridings and were headed to Ottawa. 

Of course the reality – with only a few hours left until election day, is that the Greens are projected to win only one seat, with a max projection of three. 

At the beginning of the season, I always tell my baseball kids that, as a coach, I am not there to win. We are there to have fun, get some exercise and exposure to being part of a team, and to make some new friends. After all, only one team can be victorious.

I’ve played sports all of my life and have coached for what is closing in on ten years now. I am a competitive guy. I am not saying I don’t like to win. I don’t go into anything I do with a thought of losing. 

What I say to my youth is that if we ensure we are always having fun, if we work well together as a team, lift eachother up, support one another, and give our best, we will find success and come away from the season with fond memories of feeling as though we had found family at the ballpark. 

I work hard to help the kids keep their composure through the adversity of tough umpire calls or poor sportsmanship from the other team. I teach them that all you can control are your own actions. Be ‘all in’ and regardless of the outcome on the scoresheet, you’ll leave the playing field knowing that you left it all out on the field because that is all any of us can do.

I like being the underdog. As a coach to a team that hasn’t won a game all season, I also believe in equal opportunity and a fair playing field. A thirty-six day election is neither opportunity nor fairness but it doesn’t change the effort that my team and I have put into these past few weeks. 

Our crew was small but mighty, but I am proud of what we accomplished over 35 days and how we supported each other, and how we respected our opponents. Only one team can win but our ideas and our passion for our communities is still there and to truly accomplish the many challenges our neighbourhoods, our cities, our provinces, our territories, our country and our world are facing, we need to work across partisan lines and find compromise to achieve our joint goals to be more sustainable as a nation, and to become a more just society.

It has been a great honour talking to all of you. Working through your questions, exploring your neighbourhoods, and representing a party I have long loved for the peaceful yet passionate nature of it’s advocacy towards issues of climate and social emergencies.

It has also been an honour to be part of team ‘Annamie Paul’. She is a wonderful leader who led with such conviction, grace, and professionalism through adversity in her first election as the leader of the Green Party of Canada. I hope she will remain in this leadership position and that your members can work together to strengthen the internal divides with a goal of coming into our next match a stronger, more unified team ready to continue the exciting gains our party has seen in recent elections.

To my Green candidate colleagues across the country, it has been fun following your journeys and cheering you on from afar. I did get to meet a few of you but I wish I could have chatted in person with you all. There are many exciting Green ridings our family is looking forward to following with a bag of movie popcorn during tomorrow’s election night coverage. I love that we represent a party that shares global principles including the promotion of the building of respect, and positive and responsible relationships across lines of division. This is the side of politics I want my children to see and I saw you leading through example across my social media accounts this election.

Lastly, to the internal Green Party and individual candidate volunteers assisting all of us during these intense election circumstances, thank you for everything you have done and will continue to do, to guide us every step of the way from that original email where we put ourselves on the line, to closing out our campaigns. I have never felt alone through this process so thank you.

If there is one thing that is for certain, the Senior baseball team I coach is a great team where it matters most. How hard they work, and the way they find a smile and the good in even the toughest outcomes. I wouldn’t trade a single player or wish away any memories we have made together this season. After all, I don’t remember the season stats from my youth, but I fondly remember the players, parents, and coaches that defined what I loved about team sports – that sense of family.

Being part of the Green Party of Canada gives me a sense of pride, of belonging, and that what we are jointly fighting for and how we go about our advocacy truly means something within the critical conversations that are needed to ensure equitable outcomes for all. 

Go Green family!

Thank you, good night, and best of luck to all candidates in #Elxn44.



Larry Pattison

Green Party of Canada Candidate

Hamilton East-Stoney Creek