It’s Official

Monday at 11am, I submitted my signed nomination papers after a whirlwind few days trying to collect the hundred signatures from Hamilton East-Stoney Creek residents required by Elections Canada in order to get on the ballot.

By 6pm that evening, I received notice from the Returning Officer that it was official. I was on the ballot representing the Green Party of Canada in the 2021 Federal Elections. Considering I didn’t receive the nod from the Green Party that my vetting had been completed and I was approved as a Green Party candidate until last Wednesday, it was no small feat for our team of volunteers who pounded the pavement until late Sunday night – even picking up a few signatures on the way to the Mountanview School elections office Monday.

Thank you to everyone who offered to sign for us from family, friends, to many strangers. It meant a lot to get your support to be a candidate in this election.

A special thanks to Jen who ‘pulled the nomination’ if you will, messaging us late into the evening to confirm stops we could make to go beyond our required 100 signatures in case for one reason or another, there were issues with some of the signatures.

Annamie Paul mentioned during a press conference that although they would be close, that it wasn’t felt that a full slate of 338 candidates would be running this year for the Green Party due to so many concerns from COVID, to simply not enough time to have nominations in by this past Monday with the election only having been called August 15th. Thank you all for ensuring Hamilton East-Stoney Creek was not one of those ridings.

See you in the community.