Moral Courage
Larry will use tools gained from studying Irshad Manji’s Moral Courage methods to guide all priorities below.

“Moral Courage means speaking truth to the ego’s power so we can learn from multiple perspectives, especially on issues that need solutions. The ego’s (our primitive brain) power manipulates us to feel stressed, fearful, and defensive when we encounter views that differ from our own. Which prevents us from understanding others and, in turn, being understood.”

Irshad Manji

Community Consultation
Keep the community up-to-date using social tools, newsletters, and public information sessions.

Equal Partners in Decision-Making
Ensuring that all opinions and concerns are given equal voice and recognizing the diversity of viewpoints that exists among the families that Larry would represent as your elected official. He will lead without judgment and respect your faith-based and political beliefs, as well as your personal health choices.

Accountability and transparency
I will use points 2 and 3 above as guides to being accountable for the decisions I make at the board table as well as transparent with regards to how I arrived at those rulings.

Work closely with my trustee colleagues and municipal, provincial, and federal counterparts
During my term as HWDSB trustee, I worked hard to create good relationships with my trustee colleagues, my coterminous counterpart – Anthony Perri , who unfortunately passed in 2020, at HWCSB, as well as my council and provincial colleagues. Although this is not always easy given our political divides, these relationships are key to ensuring the best possible outcomes for our students.

Advocacy on behalf of our community to the province
Trustees often send letters to the Minister of Education (MOE) to advocate for issues that are beyond our control. I would work to ensure both our relationship with the MOE and the Premier are kept in good standing to ensure a strong working relationship regardless of the political differences individual trustees may have with the elected party in charge of educational decision-making.

Foster connections between our schools and their surrounding neighbourhoods
One thing I felt desperately lacking as a trustee and a void I have continued to see since stepping down from office, was the lack of connection and collaboration between our schools and their surrounding communities. It wasn’t true for all of my schools because I saw a vast difference when a leader within the school shared a deep connection to their school community. This example can be used as a template for how leaders can create meaningful connections beyond the walls of over 100 of these central hubs within HWDSB’s purview across our city.

Canvas Literature

canvas postcard with Larry's campaign priorities